Notes from the Heart are an expression of my experiences.   These notes capture a moment in time in my journey of longing and emptying that is either beautiful, tender or painful......                                                                                                                      The notes are untitled.    Each note is identified by a time and place of when and where each moment occurred.

Notes from the Heart are an expression of my experiences.
These notes capture a moment in time in my journey of longing and emptying that is either beautiful, tender or painful......                                                                                                                    The notes are untitled.  Each note is identified by a time and place of when and where each moment occurred.

Like a Butterfly that's never still  

Flying over mystic hills

Bridging the heart with Heaven's sweetness

That's forever memorable

January, 2012 Vrindavan, India

- Inspired by and dedicated to Shyamdas (1953-2013) - Beloved Teacher and Inspiration

I see you in the fingers that are playing the strings  

Mesmerize by their movements I can no longer stand

Beckon to sit down to listen to your sound

My heart aches, my eyes tear

You are calling me again

January, 2012 Udaipur, India

Walking along the Yamuna River a man appears

He wears an orange cloth and has long black hair

We tread on a muddy path walking towards each other

He stops in front of me, looks down, and makes a gesture with his hand as I stood there

A second man appears, he wears an orange rope with a stick in his hand

He points it at me and we gaze into each others eyes

Our paths have crossed on the unknown journey

My eyes well with tears, my heart is scared

January, 2012 Vrindavan, India

Disguised in a dusty saffron rope

Draping over an aging and frail form

You called out to me as I stepped off the rickshaw

I ignored you as you called

You called again, but I continued to walk

In the darkness of the night, I did not recognize who you are

You held your palm out in front of me

I gave you 10 rupees, but it should have been more

You gazed into my eyes, then I saw who you are

January, 2012 Vrindavan, India

Longing to walk the mystic hill without knowing why

I wake up early in the morning to wash my hair

The mist has cleared, it rained last night

Heaven showered your essence into the earth's soil

I walk on barefoot and listen for your voice

Did you say "live in a temple"?

The path is now clear

I'm on my way home

January, 2012 Vrindavan, India

Sitting on the wooden steps

Your warm rays are washing down my face

Like liquid gold melting away my winter sorrows

Lightly caressing my face with a soft breeze

As you descend over the western horizon

My heart grows cold

I will wait for you again tomorrow

March, 2012 New York 

My body shudders at the sound of your name

My heart burns and aches

Tears of sweetness cascading down my face

A lotus emerges from the heart's vacant space

Its' petals opening to a full blossom

Its' roots finding it's way

May, 2012 New York

My heart cries like the howling wind

Tears from my eyes pour like rain from the heavenly sky

Pour the rain on me and wash away my pain

June, 2012 New York

The darkness of the night has come once again

My eyes are filled with tears

Waiting to see you in my dreams

May, 2013 New York

Like the  wind you come and go as you wish

Sweeping my heart along with you  

Until nothing is remained 

May, 2013 New York

I see the Light in you and me

I see the Light in everybody

I see the Light in plants and trees

I see the Light in the sands of a rolling beach

I see the Light in the nights moon beam

I see the Light in the bird singing on a tree

I see the Light in honey bees

I see the Light in you and me

I see the Light in the dews on leaves

I see the Light in the rain falling on trees

I see the Light in the garden of lillies

I see the Light in the fruits of an almond tree

I see the Light in the mountain's peak

I see the Light in the stars of a galaxy

I see the Light in honey bees

I see the Light in you and me

September, 2013 New York

My heart flutters as I approach your abode

Anticipating to see you, I step inside the temple


The sound of the drum beating to awaken the pulse of my Soul

My eyes search for you in the wave of faces

Lost in the sound I do not know where to go

My body sway with the rhythm of the wave

My heart lost in the Eternal flow

October, 2013 New York-Nathdwara, India

Like the wind, I whisper into your ears

Like a petal, I glide in the Sweet fragrant air

Landing in a forest, I dance with trees and leaves

Play the drum of my heartbeat, my Sweet Lord

My body rejoices in your dance

The Sweet song never ends

November, 2013 New York

Chant with me, my Sweet Lord

I want to hear the Sound of your heart

Chant to me, my Sweet Lord

I want to feel the Sound of your heart

Chant to the Universe, my Sweet Lord

May all hear the Sweetness of your heart

December, 2013 New York

In the dawn of the waking hours, the soft morning mist cast a veil over you and your land like a dream

Sounds of birds conversing with each other are heard in the open air

The playful monkeys patiently await for you at your foothill

The temple bells ring endlessly to signal your Awakening

Life awakens and the Unkown of the day unfolds

The start of a new day begins to flow on it's own rhythm

The village men and women are singing your songs in their homes

I sit in silent surrender absorbed in the Sounds of Life with you before my eyes

February, 2014 Jatipura, India

Oh Mother Earth

How wonderful and generous you are

With cracks in the soil from last winter, the delicate petals of spring plum blossoms

have fallen on the ground in the colors of soft pink and red, painting your face like a 

young girl who has applied on fresh powder

Oh Mother Earth

The grass is green, the bamboo trees are moving with the wind

Butterflies are dancing with the leaves

The cat walks slowly on the stones warmed by the afternoon sun

The wind-chimes sing the song of spring

The delicate pink petals falling one by one returning to the place it came from

March, 2014 Plum Village, France

The full moon

So round, soft and bright

Like a Blue Lotus among stars in the sky

Shining so bright in the darkness of the night

I sit meditating on you all night

March, 2014 full moon at Plum Village, France

Like a drop of water, I am part of you

Like a petal, I am part of a flower

Like a leave, I am part of a tree

Like the soil, I am part of the earth

I sit with a cup of tea in my hands, surrounded by your

love, light and the wonders of life

March, 2014 Plum Village, France

With each step, I pick up a stone to build a bridge of my own

We walk together side by side on a road that is wet and cold

Hearing the sounds of the bell, we stop for a moment to observe the world

Ahead of us is a road that is unknown

The clouds rain again

Each drop making a ripple of concentric circles in the puddles

We walk on despite the unknown

Walking together side by side, with each step we pick up a stone

to build a bridge of our own

March, 2014 Plum Village, France

Walking in the open air, the morning breeze of scented pine trees

awakened my senses

Sounds of footsteps moving slowly on the muddy grass

The sun is out again

Filling the spring forest with light and warmth

I walk mindfully moving with each breath

The brown leaves crackling under my steps

With each step, I feel the lightness of my being

With each breath, I am filled with joy

Leaving all my sorrows behind, my heart begins to dance

March, 2014 Plum Village, France

The lines of your eyes curve like a deep flowing river

Moving softly, long and meandering

Without an end or a beginning

In each of your expressions, the forms continually changing

Watering all that is contained within

Your eyes, so young yet so wise contain all sources of life

March, 2014 Plum Village, France

Your face is full the moon

With eyes watery like a deep well reflecting your inner being

Dressed in a simple brown rope in the color of the earth

Moving quietly with utmost humility

Hands delicate in the form of a prayer dedicated to the One

Your essence touched my soul

March, 2014 Plum Village, France

Teardrops resting on magnolia petals

Letting go, I dissolve

April, 2014 New York

Sound is my heart......

Sound is where I live, dream, bathe, nourish and heal

Without Sound, I can not go on                              

In silence, the state of Soundless Sound, I am absorbed in the Sounds of Life

At first, I heard the Sound, a door opened in my heart, then I wanted to Sound, to Sound with my Beloved

who resides in the deepest chamber of my heart

In the dialogue I had to go back to the beginning of being naked, and strip away my fears, inhibitions,

judgements, false-identification to dissolve into the lightness of my being

May, 2014 New York

A sparrow sits on the pine tree as the sun sets

Fluttering its wings to take flight

It's time for us to go within

July, 2014 Ananda Ashram, NY

My Beloved, tonight would have been the perfect night to rest under the stars

The night is still, perfumed with the intoxicating scent of midsummer night blossoms

The calls of the cicadas drone lead the heart's rhythm to rest 

How beautiful to share the same stars with you even when we are apart

July, 2014 Ananda Ashram, NY

Songs of the forest 

Songs of the rain

Songs of the birds taking me deep within

My ears are open to tune into your melody

My eyes are wide to feast on your sight

Dews of sweetness collected in delicate webs suspended above the brown earth

The stream trickles sounds of tenderness

Green mosses find on the damp grey stones

The whistles of birds flirting with my heart

My heart release sounds of laughter

August, 2014 Ananda Ashram, NY

Sweet drones of bumble bees coming and going

Encircling my total state of being

One of many instruments in the cosmic symphony

I am drenched in the sweet nectar coursing through my inner stream

August, 2014 Ananda Ashram, NY

Intricate silver threads (skrt: sutras)

Catching pearls of raindrops in its web

Wisdom dawns after the rain

The spider continues to weave the web

Spinning the needle with endless threads

August, 2014 Ananda Ashram, NY

A butterfly dances in the still lake after the rain

Flying into the misty forest

I can no longer see you

August, 2014 Ananda Ashram, NY

A letter to my heart:

When will I learn to listen to you, my tender heart? 

To listen to your soft murmurs of cries for love and true happiness

You have been alone for so many years

Unheard, and I am living with regrets

Today is the day to voice the unspoken wounds through my silent tears 

Allow me, my tender heart, to shed your tears no matter how long

I am listening with open ears as I hold you in my hands 

November, 2014 NY, NY