was founded on the following principles:

Pushti, Yoga, and the Grace of Guru

Pushti: in Sanskrit means Grace of God or spiritual nourishment.  One finds Grace of God through pure love without motive. Grace of God does not know any boundaries, be it time, place, caste, creed, color, sex, or age.  God showers his Grace through compassion, love, beauty, mercy, and understanding.  At times, Grace is disguised in pain and tragedy as an opening for one to search deeper and transform.  Through selfless love, humility, and patience one's body, mind, and soul are nourished. 

 Yoga: in Sanskrit means Union with the Divine. The goal of Yoga is to realize Divinity within one's embodied form.  The paths of Yoga to realization are: Bhakti (devotion), Hatha (kundalini awakening), Jnana (self-awareness and knowledge), Karma (selfless service), Nada (divine vibration), and Raja/Ashtanga (control of the mind/eight limbs).  By practicing Yoga, one's body, heart and mind will be purified and transformed.  One will experience opening of the heart, quieting of the mind, dissolving of the ego, self-identification, illusions, and harmony with all living beings and the universe.  The paths of Yoga allow us to trace our way back to an Eternal place that have been forgotten due to false conditioning of the mind and limitations of sense perceptions.  The Soul is Eternal and all pervasive, always one with the Ocean of Consciousness.  

Guru: in Sanskrit means the One who removes darkness of ignorance, or the One who shows you God.  Guru comes in many forms, be it your cat, your children, your Beloved, your parents, Mother Nature, or a Realized-being who travelled the Yogic path and found his way home.  Human beings are the highest form of incarnation because we have been given Consciousness to accelerate our evolution to Awakening in one lifetime.  It takes 8,400,000 incarnations to reach human form.  

To take birth as a human is a blessing, to find a Guru is a 2nd blessing.

Grace is all around us.  Each breath is Grace.  All we need to do is listen deeply, with an open heart, to be aware of and be in touch with God's Grace.

Through Grace and Yoga one finds Light within and in All.