Jena experienced God's beauty, longing, and the impermanence of life at a very early age in her childhood.

Walking on a road in the countryside in China at the tender age of 6, she came upon a plum blossom tree. When she looked up at the tree, her eyes and heart were captured by the simple and pure beauty of delicate pink blossoms on a single branch. She wanted to have and hold the pink blossoms for herself, but she couldn't reach them. She then realized if she did get a hold of them, the blossoms will eventually die and lose it's beauty and life.

This experience shaped the way she experienced life without her knowing until her mid 30's when the memory resurfaced.

After practicing Yoga for 8 years, she took 18 months off from corporate America to go deeper in her spiritual journey and to search for a teacher.  During this time, questions about who she was and what her purpose in life was arose.  She felt emptiness and a deep longing pain that in the past she ignored or tried to fill by acquiring material things.  On the eve of her 36th birthday, she met her Beloved teacher and Inspiration, Shyamdas, at a kirtan. She recognized him the moment she saw him and the first thought that came into her mind was, "I found him". 

During the kirtan she experienced Immense Sweetness and Total Completeness.  She realized then what it means to love Hari and to be loved by Hari.  That same year, she was called to visit Shyamdasji in Braj, India, the birthplace and playground of Lord Krishna.  Every step along this journey, her eyes were filled with tears. On the last day of her trip, on a full moon, she did a parikrama of 14 miles on barefoot of the Govardhan Hill. When she finished the parikrama, she realized she was Home....... 

She is forever grateful to Hari for leading her to Shyamdasji and to Shyamdasji for leading her to Hari.  

She is also very thankful to be led to Shri Yogi Hari Maharaj to receive his teachings of Sampoorna Yoga, Yoga of Fullness.  One of her favorite mantra is Hari Aum, how delightful that God leads her to a Yogi named Hari.

Her service is offered through teaching to pass on the blessings and gifts of Yoga that she received from all of her teachers.  

She visits Braj, Nathdwara, Rajastan, India on a yearly basis to immerse herself in Bhakti Yoga and the songs of Krishna. 

Jena is on a continuous journey of emptying her heart and mind, and letting go.

All is Grace...... Radheeeeee..... RadheShyam Shyam Shyam Radhe Radhe